From 2003 - 2011, Geoff worked as the Age & Disability Correspondent for BBC News, reporting for radio, television and the BBC News website.  

Other journalistic posts include: Producer/Editor, From Our Own Correspondent, Senior Producer, Today programme and The World Tonight.  

Geoff has also worked as an in-country Project Director in Rwanda, managed journalism training for the BBC World Service and project managed a teleworking pilot for BBC News.  He has also delivered training as far afield as China and Thailand and worked closely with Ashridge on the BBC Leadership Programme. 

As well as numerous radio and television appearances, Geoff has chaired conferences for the Department of Health and spoken on public platforms for the Business Disability ForumGoldman Sachs and Lloyds TSB among others.   

Geoff took over the chairmanship of the BBC Disabled Staff Forum and made it a key player within the BBC and beyond.

As well as more than 20 years' experience of working at the BBC, Geoff honed his writing skills while campaigning for improved support for his fellow thalidomiders.  He penned numerous letters and other promotional material that persuaded Diageo plc and the health departments of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to increase the support available to those affected by thalidomide.  

Geoff draws upon his vast knowledge of disability - both personal and professional - to project a clear and consistent message.   

Geoff is also the chairman of the European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre - EDRIC - a health information service for people affected by this rare condition.  

Geoff has also recently started to undertake projects for the leading diversity consultancy, Equality Works.